Body and Mind.

Bridging both Western medicine knowledge and Eastern science expertise to guide you to become the best version of yourself.


As a Registered Nurse for almost two decades, I blend western medicine with the powerful tools of Ayurveda to empower you to live a life of vitality and health.

Ayurvedic Practitioner & RN:
“Helping You Heal Yourself”

What Kreem Shakti Means?

About Us


Through individualized one-on-one consulting, Kreem Shakti guides
you through a healing journey for:

We provide nutritional guidance, lifestyle adjustments and customized herbal blends, including cleanses and bodywork. Ayurveda brings vitality to your life – empowering your health so you can live the life you love!

What our clients tell about us

"I consulted Amita for support around a chronic health challenge that impacts all facets of my life, particularly my demanding professional life as an attorney. Amita listened deeply and empathically, and empowered me with tools (including daily self-care rituals/practices, a meditation exercise, and, of course, recommendations for natural medicines) to cultivate more balance and thrive at work and in life. I have continued to reach out to Amita for holistic health advice for myself and my family members, including my grandmother who has Parkinson's. I'm grateful for Amita's kind presence and support, respect her rigorous training as a registered nurse and Ayurvedic practitioner, and recommend her highly, particularly to professional women."

Preeti D.

"I have been seeing Amita for about a year and her knowledge and expertise are the highest without a doubt. She has helped me in so many ways. Amita first started treating me for high blood pressure and within three months she got my blood pressure to normal. She also treated me post-surgery, and with her ability to understand what I was going through I was able to heal and recover much faster. Amita is thorough, pays attention to detail, and listens with a keen ear. Paying for her services is the best investment I have made in my health care. I highly recommend her for any of your health needs, I am sure she will be able to help."

Rochelle R.

Amita is amazing at what she does! She is very knowledgeable and professional, while also bringing a warm presence that makes you feel secure. The herbs, practices, and knowledge she has provided have helped me with my digestion and anxiety, and overall she has inspired me to cultivate a deeper relationship with myself . I highly recommend her services!

Vanessa T.

"Working with Amita has revolutionized how I see my health and body. Never had I received from any Western Physician the kind of in depth inquiry I experienced during my Ayurvedic consultation. Since working with Amita I have healed from insomnia, constipation, and anxiety. I can't say enough how powerful her work, devotion, and deeply rooted wisdom has changed my relationship with my own body and mind."

Rose R.

I am so glad that I gave ayurvedic counseling a try, and Amita is a joy to meet with! She is so friendly, warm, and easy to open up to. I love the customized lifestyle advice, and the herbs that she's prescribed to me are easy to follow and have helped so much with my general outlook and vitality!

Lisa B.

Amita is a gifted guide supporting us to develop a much more aligned relationship with what we eat and how we live. She is a skilled listener who truly takes in what she hears, processes it through the ayurvedic perspective, and offers powerful validation and practical instruction. I was fortunate enough to speak with Amita for an in-depth consultation. I felt as though she immediately recognized my unique experiences as a result of my constitution. It felt so good to understand myself more fully—and learn what to do next! I am deeply grateful for Amita and the very real love that powers her service.

Adam M.

"If you are looking for an effective and authentic Ayurvedic practitioner, I highly recommend Amita at Kreem Shakti. Amita really takes the time to explain and goes deep with the work. I had some digestive and unexplained liver issues seemingly from long Covid and was having all kinds of issues. I tried many different things, including TCM/Acupuncture but it wasn't getting to the root of my issues. Amita put me on the right track, easing me through different levels of treatment that was a potent combination of tailored lifestyle changes and herbs. She is professional and very knowledgeable, but also you feel cared for in her presence. I went from feeling uncharacteristically weak and low energy to feeling normal again and functioning much better after months of struggling."

Krishna M.

Why you need us?

How Kreem Shakti helps?


Health is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. At its core, it's about feeling vibrant, both physically and mentally. Whether you're looking to boost your energy, manage stress, or embark on a transformative wellness journey, Kreem Shakti is here to guide you. Our holistic approach combines cutting-edge science with timeless wisdom to help you achieve your health goals. Join us on this path to vitality, well-being, and a life lived to the fullest.


Empowerment is about harnessing your inner strength, embracing your potential, and taking control of your destiny. It's the key to unlocking your true capabilities, both personally and professionally. Through empowerment, you can break through barriers, achieve your goals, and inspire positive change in your life and the world around you.


Vitality is the secret to living a life filled with energy, joy, and purpose. It's about feeling your best, both physically and mentally, every day. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and support to boost your vitality and well-being. Through personalized approaches and evidence-based practices, we'll help you revitalize your life. Join us on this journey to discover the vibrant, healthier you that's been waiting to shine.

Ayurvedic Vitality Plans

These are 1-on-1 individualized health plans tailored specifically to your body and needs.

Body Therapies & Cleanses

Bodwork to support the healing journey and Ayurvedic deep cleansing processes to clear the body and mind.

Small Batch Ayurvedic Products

Our hand-made natural products use the wisdom of Ayurveda to bring you balance and health.


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Yoga Participant

Why We Are Special

This is why People Choose Us

Western & Eastern Medicine Fusion

As an RN for 15 years, I blend western medicine with the powerful tools of Ayurveda to empower you to live a life of vitality and health.  More about me!

Natural Herbs

We are nature and nature is us. This is why using products from Mother Earth is easily recognized and digestible by our bodies.

Individualized Tailored Ayurvedic Vitality Plans

1- on – 1 individualized consultations tailor the ancient Vedic wisdom to bring specific lifestyle suggestions, nutritional guidance and customized herb blends to bring you to health, empowerment and vitality.

Our Specialties

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