Discover Your Dosha!

Take our 20-question Dosha Quiz to uncover the unique elements that define your body and mind.

Each question is designed to help you better understand your natural constitution and guide you towards a lifestyle and diet that aligns with your true self. Choose the answer that best reflects your lifelong experiences, even if it’s not a perfect match. We can be more than one answer but pick which answer is the most truthful for you MOST.


1. Which statement best describes your bowel movements? *
2. Which statement best describes your digestion? *
3. Which imbalances are you prone to experiencing? *
4. Which statement best describes your personality? *
5. Which best describes your relationship to movement and activity? *
6. Which best describes your walking style? *
7. Which best describes your dreaming? *
8. When a stressful experience arises, what is your initial emotional response? *
9. Which best describes your weather preference? *
10. Which best describes your engagement in social conversations? *
11. How often do you sweat? *
12. How do you approach planning? *
13. Which best describes how you feel about routines? *
14. Which of these statements best describes you? *
15. Which of these hobbies interests you most? *
16. Which of these best describes your thinking process? *
17. Which of these best represents your physical stamina? *
18. Which emotions best describe how you respond unexpected situations? *
19. Which statement best describes your hunger and eating? *
20. Which of these are you most sensitive to? *
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