Ayurveda Bodywork Treatments

Ayurvedic bodywork can help to reduce stress, increase relaxation, improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, relieve muscle tension and pain, and promote overall health and well-being. It is often used as a complementary therapy to traditional medical treatments and can be especially helpful for those with chronic health conditions. Ayurvedic bodywork is done per recommendation of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Learn more about each therapy on our FAQ page.

We Have The Treatments 
To Restore You To Balance

Please Visit Our FAQ for detailed descriptions of each service!



(60 Minutes Total)



Abhyanga with Steam

(90 Minutes Total)



abhyanga with shirodhara

(90 Minutes Total)



Ayurvedic Facial

(60 Minutes Total)




(60 Minutes Total)



tandem abhyanga

(60 Minutes Total)



Tandem Abhyanga with Shirodara

(90 Minutes Total)


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Time to find out your DOSHA! Our dosha constitution tells us which elements are most predominant in our body. This helps us know how to eat and live more accordingly to our unique self. Please answer each question with the BEST possible answer as it is possible to identify with several answers. Think about how the question applies over your lifetime – not just as you see yourself now. It is helpful to have a close friend/relative reflect back to you the best possible answer.

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5) When it comes to movement I am: *
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9) My favorite type of weather is: *
10) One could describe the nature of my speech as: *
11) When it comes to sweating: *
12) When it comes to planning: *
13) Routines: *
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15) My hobbies could possibly be: *
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