After a long Kapha season here in California, we are finally in the summer Pitta season. This is a great time to incorporate some Bitter Melon into your diet!

Bitter gourd can be sautéed, like above, on a pan with onions & spices (like our five spice mix or any local panchapuran mix.) It can also be juiced or can be intricately stuffed with onions, baked and then fried like my mother used to do when I was young. How I loved the smell of it hitting the pan!

Let’s unveil the health benefits of this mysterious vegetable:

– Great for diabetes as it helps lower blood sugar levels

– Increases stamina and energy

– Blood cleanser with antioxidants – good for rashes and most skin conditions

– Regulates blood flow and prevents blood clots

– Mix the juice with sugar to make a paste for the scalp if experiencing lots of hair fall

– Helps lower “bad cholesterol”

Try a simple recipe of sliced bitter gourd pan fried with a little ghee, onion and some spices like cumin and fenugreek seeds to become one of your easy homemade dishes!

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