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It’s the season where viruses and other bugs are making their way around to our homes. Vitamin C, zinc and elderberries are now found commonly in cough drops, tinctures and tablets to help boost the immune system.

Another lesser known booster is from a group of flavonoids called polyphenols named quercetin. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Quercetin supports two important enzymes , cyclooxygenase  and lipoxygenase, which are involved in our immune responses. Therefore, it has been said to help with cancer cells, diabetes and heart disease as well.

Quercetin is naturally found in red onions, brassica vegetables, capers, citrus and berries. As with all supplements, it is best taken through your diet. If you decide to take any tablets or capsules, please make sure to not to take large amounts of quercetin if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have kidney disease.  

An Easy Make at Home Recipe!

Take the peels of 3 grapefruits and 3 lemons. Boil them for 3 hours with 3 cups of water in a covered pot to make a decoction. Remove and strain the liquid. Add some unrefined sugar of your choice or you can add honey once the mixture is slightly cooled. 

Take 3 tablespoons a day while under the weather. 

All 3s! Easy to remember when not feeling that great! Happy Quercetin!

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