Cleanses & Rejuvenation

Under Ayurvedic care, you may be suggested to do an Ayurvedic cleanse . Or you may have heard about an Ayurvedic panchakarma and feel like it’s a good fit for you!

If a cleanse or rejuvenation interests you, book a free call with us to see which is more supportive to your health and vitality!


Ayurvedic Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program

Ayurvedic Cleanse and Rejuvenation Program

Program Fee: Starts at $2800


– Pre and post cleanse appointment
– Development of individualized plan
 – Development of Ayurvedic Vitality Plan
– 6 Day of In-Person Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapies & 1 Day of At-Home Therapy

Personalized guidance through each stage of the process: Preparation, Detoxification & Rejuvenation

Additional add-on Ayurvedic therapies may be determined depending on your unique needs at different pricing.

Points to Remember

Cleanses aren’t for everyone – please contact or check with an Ayurvedic Practitioner to see if a cleanse is right for you at this time. Individualized care plans are important to make sure your constitution and imbalances are properly supported during this deep cleansing process.

A cleanse requires effort from the practitioner as well as the client. It is important to have the time and space to prioritize your cleanse in your life to receive optimal results.

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Prakriti Questionnaire

Time to find out your DOSHA! Our dosha constitution tells us which elements are most predominant in our body. This helps us know how to eat and live more accordingly to our unique self. Please answer each question with the BEST possible answer as it is possible to identify with several answers. Think about how the question applies over your lifetime – not just as you see yourself now. It is helpful to have a close friend/relative reflect back to you the best possible answer.

1) How often do you have a bowel movement? *
2) How would you describe your digestion? *
3) I can sometimes suffer from: *
4) I could possibly describe myself as: *
5) When it comes to movement I am: *
6) How would you describe your walking style? *
7) What kind of dreams do you have most? *
8) What are your initial emotions in a stressful experience? *
9) My favorite type of weather is: *
10) One could describe the nature of my speech as: *
11) When it comes to sweating: *
12) When it comes to planning: *
13) Routines: *
14) Ways I could describe myself: *
15) My hobbies could possibly be: *
16) I tend to think that: *
17) Stamina when it pertains to physical movement: *
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19) When it comes to hunger and eating: *
20) I am most sensitive to: *
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