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Make Your Own Ayurvedic Skincare Product:

Monica Webb is an Ayurveda beauty therapist certified in organic skincare formulation with an advanced diploma in organic cosmetic science and founder of Well Radiant. Along with Cecilia Fernandez, another Ayurveda beauty therapist who enjoys creating her own skincare, will share how to assess your skincare through dosha and season. You'll learn how to create a skincare routine and craft your own facial serum, face cleanser and face masks. Take home a specialized kit of personalized skincare goods.

$108 Max 10 participants​


March 26th:

Ayurvedic Daily Care and Kapha Yoga

10AM- 3 PM

Misea Dinea Iyengar Yoga teacher, Amita Basra Ayurveda Practitioner, RN with Cecilia Fernandez Ayurvedic Practitioner and AyurYoga Therapist invite you to our Kapha Yoga class where you will learn the best yogic practices for this time of year.

Coupled with this yoga class, we will be teaching a Dinacharya class. “Din” literally means “day” and this class is all about how to perform self care throughout your day to keep yourself in Ayurvedic balance.

​Light Kitchari lunch included. 

$180 Maximum 10 participants


Free Ayurveda Videos



Want to learn more about Ayurveda and tips & tricks you can incorporate into your daily life? 

Check out the free educational videos on our YouTube Channel @ Kreem Shakti. Please subscribe to help support our channel!

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