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"The initial consultation was a profound learning experience for me and gave me a new understating of how my body works with food and nutrition. Amita shared a host of great general wellness tips that I easily incorporated into my daily rituals. Amita’s intuition and background combined to create the perfect combination of insights."

- Amanda M.


"Amita was amazing to work with! We focused first on the most of obtainable areas that needed attention for me. I was able to improve and see the positive results in my day to day life. She is so sweet and warm hearted that it was easy to open up and really work on the challenges I was having."

- Anisha T.


"I started working with Amita about 4 months ago, my blood pressure was high and within six weeks with her treatment it was back to normal. Amita is knowledgeable, thorough easy to talk to and is always available for questions. She goes way beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her!!"

- Rochelle R.

Amita is amazing at what she does! She is very knowledgeable and professional, while also bringing a warm presence that makes you feel secure. The herbs, practices, and knowledge she has provided have helped me with my digestion and anxiety, and overall she has inspired me to cultivate a deeper relationship with myself . I highly recommend her services!

- Vanessa T.


"Working with Amita has revolutionized how I see my health and body. Never had I received from any Western Physician the kind of in depth inquiry I experienced during my Ayurvedic consultation. Since working with Amita I have healed from insomnia, constipation, and anxiety. I can't say enough how powerful her work, devotion, and deeply rooted wisdom has changed my relationship with my own body and mind."

- Rose R.

I am so glad that I gave ayurvedic counseling a try, and Amita is a joy to meet with! She is so friendly, warm, and easy to open up to. I love the customized lifestyle advice, and the herbs that she's prescribed to me are easy to follow and have helped so much with my general outlook and vitality!

- Lisa B.


Amita is very knowledgeable about the aches and pains of the human experience, which helps her find the root cause of a problem, as well as subsequent remedies and treatment plans. 10/10 recommend!

-Simrjot M.

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