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Discovery Call 10 Minute Phone Call                   FREE

Our initial discovery call to decide together if Kreem Shakti is the right fit for you is FREE! We will set up a time to have a phone call to discuss your needs and how Ayurveda could support your life in a holistic manner.

Client Onboarding Package                                 484                  

This includes:

 - 90 minute intake session

 - two 55 minute followup sessions

 - a 10 minute herbal discussion phone call


This will help create a comprehensive plan with consistent followup to enhance your health through re-evalaution, accountability and support during the early stages of your Ayurvedic Journey.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation                       285

50 Minute Follow up Session                                145 

15 Minute Phone Call                                       35

Need clarification or support around your plan between appointments? Please book a call!

Customized Herbal Supplements           $30-75/month


60 Minute Tandem Abhyanga 

               1 Day                                                     300

               3 Day                                                     750

60 Minute Tandem Abhyanga with Steam (Total 90 min)

               1 Day                                                     340

               3 Day                                                     900

60 Minute Tandem Abhyanga with Shirodara (Total 120 min)

                1 Day                                                    480

                3 Day                                                  1200

60 Minute Tandem Abhyanga with Shirodara & Steam (Total 150 min)

                1 Day                                                    520

                3 Day                                                  1350


          Nasya : 15 minutes                                          15

          Shower: 30 minutes                                          20

          Steam: 30 minutes                                            40

          Basti: 30 - 60 minutes                        case by case

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from the physical disabilities and mental distraction, the gates of the soul open."

                                                                                                              - B. K. S. Iyengar

Interested in starting a mind, body & soul journey with me and becoming empowered to be your own healer? It would be an honor to work with you! The every day to day healing is done by you.  It is my responsibility to  guide, educate and ignite the passion on your Ayurvedic path.

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