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Best Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatment Services in Berkeley, CA

Ayurveda Bodywork Treatments

Ayurvedic bodywork can help to reduce stress, increase relaxation, improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, relieve muscle tension and pain, and promote overall health and well-being. It is often used as a complementary therapy to traditional medical treatments and can be especially helpful for those with chronic health conditions. Ayurvedic bodywork is done per recommendation of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Abhyanga is a type of Ayurvedic massage that involves the application of warm herbal oils on the body. It is a traditional Indian practice that has been used for thousands of years to promote health and well-being.

During an abhyanga massage, the therapist will typically use long, sweeping strokes to apply the warm oil to the body. The massage may also include gentle kneading and stretching of the muscles.

Single Practitioner Abhyanga (60 Minutes Total)                                            $165

Single Practitioner Abhyanga with Steam (90 Minutes Total)                       $195

Tandem Abhyanga is the supreme treatment of receiving a "four hands" Ayurvedic herbalized massage from two Ayurvedic Practitioners. It is a traditional Ayurvedic warm oil massage using ancient herbal formulations customized to your unique wellness needs. Has a number of benefits, including promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving circulation, stimulating lymphatic flow, boosting the immune system, and nourishing the skin.

Tandem Abhyanga (60 Minutes Total)                                                         $300

Tandem Abhyanga with Steam (90 Minutes Total)                                    $330


During a shirodhara session, the person lies down on their back while a therapist pours continuous herbalized warm oil or other liquids onto their forehead/third eye. Has a number of benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, relieving headaches and migraines, improving skin health, and promoting relaxation.

Single Practitioner Abhyanga with Shirodara (90 minutes Total)              $230

Tandem Abhyanga with Shirodara (90 minutes Total)                                $480



Udwarthanam is an herbal scrub that tones and exfoliates the skin, reduces fat tissue and weight, makes skin radiant and glowing, improves skin complexion, removes bad body odor, removes toxins and cleanses the skin. Very effective in reducing cellulite and fat accumulation. Not performed in Vata imbalances.

Tandem Abhyanga & Udwarathanam (90 Minutes Total)

               1 Session                                                          $350

               3 Sessions                                                         $900

Special Treatment Options to Bodywork Sessions:


               Nasya, is drops of warm herbalized oil administered nasally and has a variety of benefits, including                            relieving sinus congestion, improving mental clarity and focus, reducing headaches, improving sleep, and                      promoting healthy breathing. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine as a part of detoxification programs                        and as a preventive measure against respiratory and sinus- related conditions. Must be combined with                          Abhyanga or cleansing program.

                                  15 minute session                                        $15


                              30 minutes                                                 $20


                              30 minutes                                                 $40

          Basti: (starting at 30)60 minutes                        case by case

               Basti, an special herbal oil enema, is believed to have a variety of benefits, including improving                                digestion, strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthy                                          elimination of waste from the body. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine as a part of                                                detoxification programs and to treat a range of conditions, including constipation, arthritis, and                                  chronic pain. ONLY AVAILABLE IN CLEANSING PROGRAMS.

Please Contact or Book A Free Complementary Assessment To See Which Therapies Best Fit Your Unique Needs!

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