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So Who Am I?

I am Amita, a Registered Nurse turned Ayurvedic Practitioner with a mission to bridge the

East and West paradigm of health and wellness!

I have worked in hospital for over 16 years, which included serving during the pandemic, and it was one of the most challenging times of my nursing career. I love the knowledge and experience I have gained as a nurse. I have experience in different areas but specialize in women’s health - primarily labor and delivery including an affinity to fetal loss and bereavement care. I have always had a passion for helping and caring for others and nursing had been my calling. But as life goes, there are some tumultuous waves throughout our journeys.


My life took a sharp turn and I found myself in the realm of addiction and personal upheaval. I was astounded that my education and training in Western medicine was not able to help me

navigate what I was experiencing. During this pivotal time of recovery, Ayurveda helped me to

climb out of the darkness into health, reconnecting with myself and finding my purpose. The healing that started with my personal journey led to the start of providing this care and knowledge to help others in their health and wellness.


As one of my Ayurvedic teachers explained, none of us are in the profession by chance. He stated that “a path in Ayurveda was not something that we personally found but rather that Ayurveda had found each one of us.”


My journey today…


I am uniquely equipped in both Western science and Eastern medicine knowledge and training - bringing the best of both worlds to my practice. I have worked as a nurse in both hospital and community settings - acquiring knowledge in preventative, emergent and bedside care.  In my practice today, it has become apparent that medicine is not a one size fits all science nor is there one correct way to help an individual. My background and education are a combination of  allopathic, holistic and energy sciences. I use this foundation to help others heal themselves on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


​As a child of immigrant parents, I spent my younger life navigating two different worlds. Now, I

bring these two worlds of Eastern and Western medicine in providing holistic care.

Ayurveda has led me to myself. This transformation has touched me so deeply that I am now

guiding others through similar journeys to well-being.

Want to learn more about me and my crendetials? 

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